Host Kit

As a Trailer Safety Week host, your event can be tailored to fit your needs. With a customizable presentation already created and a sample event agenda, hosts can modify event details, add company specific information, and use this an opportunity to not only promote the many resources created to support end-users’ safe trailering, but as a chance to connect with your audience about your own company’s commitment to safety.

What follows is a sample agenda that can be adjusted to best fit your own company needs:

  • Introduction and Welcome

  • Presentation (provided by the Trailer Safety Week team closer to your event date)

  • Review of Trailer Safety Week Website and Resources (included in presentation)

  • Plant Tour

  • Video About NATM Compliance Verification Program

  • Photo Opportunity

  • Thank You to Attendees

*Depending on the timing of your event, you may consider a light breakfast, lunch or snack for attendees*

The Trailer Safety Week Team will send all event hosts a copy of a brief presentation and script covering the mission of Trailer Safety Week, available resources, an overview of NATM and its Compliance Verification Program, and customizable slides to integrate your company’s logo and any additional material you might desire. The presentation will also include a government affairs update and information on dealer and consumer roles in tire recordkeeping.

For questions about the agenda or presentation, please contact the Trailer Safety Week team.

While the format of your company’s TSW event is completely up to you, we wanted to provide you with some materials that will aid you in the creation of your event.


Save The Date Postcards

Every Trailer Safety Week event host has the opportunity to request complementary postcards to be mailed out directly by the Trailer Safety Week team. Simply send your event information to Savana Morrison by April 17th.

Event Hosts Will Need To Provide The Following Information:

  • Mailing list in Excel format

  • Event location

  • Event date and time

  • Company logo

  • A brief description of your Trailer Safety Week event

Email Invitations

Want to send your invitees an email invitation? Missed the April 17th deadline to mail save the date postcards to your potential attendees? No worries! Simply use the Trailer Safety Week email invitation instead!

Contact Savana Morrison to receive your company’s personalized graphic for your email invitation. In addition to this, we’ve also provided verbiage for the body of your email. Just personalize, copy and paste and send to your potential attendees! Personalization can includes specific examples of what attendees will see at the event, new product releases, an agenda for the day, and more.

We suggest sending your invitations 3-4 weeks before your event takes place.

Press Release

Let your local media outlets know what your company is doing to improve the safety of the nation’s roadways with our Trailer Safety Week press release!

Legislator Invite

Let your local legislators know your company’s commitment to safety by inviting them to attend your Trailer Safety Week event.

Looking For Ways To Personalize Your Event?

Here are a few tips on to help you create a top notch Trailer Safety Week event:

  • Add slides to the Trailer Safety Week PowerPoint presentation with your own company specific messaging (presentation will be provided closer to event date)

  • Wow your attendees by including food and drink

  • While setting up for your event, don’t forget to display your company products

  • When selecting the location for your event, remember that a production floor at work can be noisy and distracting

  • Pair your own marketing materials and giveaways with the Trailer Safety Week materials provided

  • This is an opportunity to not only educate your audience about trailer safety, but an opportunity to highlight your own company’s commitment to safety

  • Don’t forget to take photos and share them on social media, using #TrailerSafetyWeek